Quebec tramway: Martine Ouellet joins the opponents of the project

Quebec City Tramway: Martine Ouellet joins project opponents


After the anti-tramway group Québec deserves better suggested that Martine Ouellet and Anne Guérette meet, the two women decided to form a common front to demand that the plan be put on hold. tramway. 

“It's not too late to request the project”, hammered the head of Climat Québec and the former municipal councilor, during a press conference , Friday, in Quebec. 

The two women believe that the tram is too expensive and that it is a mode of transport from another era.  

They therefore ask the government and the city to review the central project of the structuring transport network as a whole, and to rely on comparative and independent analyzes to justify the choice of a public transport solution for Quebec.  

The two women want the options of a light rail and a battery-powered vehicle, such as a “smart trackless tram”, back on the table.  


On several occasions, the head of Climat Québec and the former municipal councilor have affirmed that the tramway does not enjoy sufficient democratic legitimacy, even if no candidate opposed to the project managed to be elected in the most recent elections. . “The election campaign was not just about the tramway project, we can't make the results say (…) what they don't say,” said Martine Ouellet.  

< p>As for Anne Guérette, she was indignant at “seeing elected officials parading in ecstasy” in front of the project.  

These criticisms come the day after the first meeting between the new minister of the Capitale-Nationale, Jonatan Julien, and the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, at the end of which Mr. Julien promised to be an “unwavering ally” of the project. tramway.  

Anti-tramway group 

It turns out that the meeting between Martine Ouellet, who defended a project of TSR during the election campaign, and of Anne Guérette, who openly criticized the tramway project, particularly on the radio, is not accidental: it was the spokesperson for the anti-tramway group, Donald Charrette, who had the idea of ​​linking them. 

“It's Quebec deserves better who, seeing the positions of one and the other, said: '' I think it would be better for you to talk to each other '', and therefore who made the matchmaker. And it was really a magical meeting,” said Martine Ouellet.  

The two women maintain, however, that their joint outing was not “remotely guided” nor organized by QMM, which did not 'would only have had the idea of ​​putting them in touch.   

“We had already taken a position before. When you say remote-controlled, it's extremely simplistic, and it's not that at all. We are for public transit,” said the head of Climat Québec.  

“When I met Donald Charrette who said to me: ''we had this idea '', I said: ''in any case, I wanted to speak to Martine,'' added Ms. Guérette.  

The Quebec group deserves better is currently suing the City of Quebec to try to stop the tram project, on the pretext that it would be illegal and unconstitutional. The trial will take place on December 5.