Quebecers are not done with inflation

Quebecers aren't done with inflation


After hitting a record high of more than 7% in May, the consumer price index for June could hit a new high tomorrow, Statistics Canada is expected to announce.  

“It's really an economic period that clashes with the past. There is nothing that demonstrates a balance and the figures are not likely to go down anytime soon, ”said the director of the accounting firm Mallette, Éric Pronovost.

With this galloping inflation, the he noose is tightening for many Quebecers. However, according to several experts, the drop in the price of the grocery basket and the price of a liter of gasoline, which is experiencing a lull, should ease the financial pressure for many citizens.

“We expect this that people simply go and hand over the keys to the bank because there are people who are no longer able to do so with inflation,” explained the president of Jean Fortin & Partners, Pierre Fortin.

Despite the increase in prices, experts are calling for vigilance because no one can predict when the increase in prices will stabilize.