Quebecers open to Aboriginal cultures

Quebecers open to Indigenous cultures


The majority of Quebecers say they are open to Aboriginal cultures and ready to meet them, according to a recent study published Wednesday.  

According to the Léger Marketing survey conducted in collaboration with Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, nearly 90% of respondents have a favorable opinion of the communities and an interest in practicing an Aboriginal activity . 

Young and old are particularly interested in celebrating traditions, encountering history and culture and immersing themselves in nature, reveals the Léger Marketing study.&nbsp ;

Among the attractions mentioned, the study cites activities such as visiting a museum or a shop, attending a pow-wow or a festival as well as a stay in a typical accommodation .

Despite this clear interest in Aboriginal cultures and tourism, the study finds that more than half (53%) of those questioned admitted to having never practiced an Aboriginal activity. 

It is in the wake of this study that Quebec Aboriginal Tourism has launched a new campaign intended to invite ux Quebecers to meet Aboriginal cultures and break the ice. 

Under the generic theme “Enter the dance”, the tourist association's campaign aims to promote rapprochement and exchanges between Quebecers and Aboriginal communities.