Quebecers will reduce their holiday spending

Quebecers will cut holiday spending


Quebecers expect to spend less than the rest of Canada during the holiday season, at $588 compared to a national average of $790, according to a recent Léger survey released Monday.

According to the survey carried out on behalf of the Retail Council of Canada, Quebecers will still let themselves be won over by the shopping frenzy, despite the difficult financial situation that affects 6 out of 10 Canadians.

The tendency of Quebec consumers to want to take advantage of deals seems to be maintained with 41% against 36%, while 30% of Quebecers say they are less stressed by holiday shopping.

So close three-quarters of Canadian consumers believe it is important to shop locally, 69% of Quebecers feel the same way, while 42% of respondents nationwide plan to shop at retailers there. support.

Quebecers are less concerned than the he rest of Canadians (46% vs. 52%) by the prospect of a new wave of the pandemic that would upset their holiday plans.

More than three-quarters of Quebecers plan to buy gifts for the others, while many more Canadians have the same resolution with 8 out of 10 Canadian consumers.