Queen Elizabeth II hated when Charles referred to her in this way. This may come as a surprise to many

Queen Elizabeth II did not like being referred to as that.

 Queen Elizabeth II hated when Charles spoke to her in such a way. For many, it may be quite a surprise

As the portal “Pomponik” reminds us, Queen Elizabeth passed away on Thursday, September 8. As soon as it became clear that the monarch's condition was deteriorating, more members of the British royal family began arriving at Balmoral Castle. With the departure of the queen, new secrets from the life of the queen began to come to light. It turns out that the queen hated to be affectionately addressed by members of her family. She was particularly irritated when Charles did.

It is the end of an era

On Thursday, September 8, the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II ended. The Queen passed away surrounded by loved ones in her beloved Balmoral Estate. The departure of the 96-year-old monarch was the end of an era.

Queen Elizabeth was very scrupulous in observing the court etiquette. One of the rules was not to show affection to family members in public situations. Therefore, she didn't like being called “mommy”. She particularly disliked when Charles did this.

This queen hated it

The last occasion that King Charles III addressed his mother in this way was the celebration of her Platinum Jubilee, which we celebrated this year. The 70th anniversary of the ruler's reign was celebrated with a four-day celebration. Due to her health condition, the queen did not take part in too many events.

During the aforementioned celebrations, Charles began his speech with the words “Your Majesty, Mummy”. It was not the first time.

Earlier, Prince Charles used similar words in 2018, during the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's 92nd birthday. It was then that we had the opportunity to see Elizabeth II's response to the word “mummy” from Karol's lips. The queen rolled her eyes eloquently.

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