Queen Elizabeth II surprised the British public with a big change. What is it about

Citizens noticed the change right away!

 Queen Elizabeth II surprised British public opinion with a big change. What's going on

Queen Elizabeth II with a loud media boom enters her 71st year of taking the British throne.

Monarchini got rid of her hair a bit, causing a sensation in the British media

As you can read in numerous foreign media articles, Elizabeth II decided to go crazy with a new hairstyle after celebrating her platinum jubilee earlier this month.

She debuted with a fresh hairstyle in photos published by Windsor Castle on Wednesday.

Post provided by The Royal Family (@theroyalfamily)

In new photos, also posted on the official royal family's Instagram account, the 96-year-old monarch's silver strands appear noticeably shorter on the sides and back.

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Post from The Royal Family (@theroyalfamily)

& bdquo; I love the new short hairstyle !!! & rdquo; one fan commented and another added: & ldquo; Kr & oacute; lowa looks wonderful! Her new summer hairstyle looks perfect. & Rdquo;

Of course, we are not the only ones who notice that Queen Elizabeth II has paid a visit to the salon or, more imaginatively, the salon has visited her & ndash; we guess they came to the Palace, right?

The post was filled with comments that praised and complimented the latest hair look in Her Queen's Queen: & ldquo; She changed her hair, so cute? & rdquo; 'Oh, I can see her new hairstyle. It is shorter than usual. & Rdquo; & ldquo; Has her height been trimmed? & rdquo;

What do you think of the queen metamorphosis?