Queen’s University investigates racist and homophobic inscriptions in the hostel (PHOTO)

Университет Queen’s расследует дело о расистской и гомофобной надписи в общежитии (ФОТО)

Queen’s University investigates racist, homophobic, threatening violence labels in a dormitory, home to some of the students from the indigenous population.

The message, written in poetic form, was addressed to the 4th floor of the hostel Chown Hall. It was affixed to the door of the common room on Thursday morning.

From CBC have a copy of the note, which contains some of the epithets applied to indigenous peoples and LGBTQ person at work-students, including obscene language.

“We will remove from your scalp… We’ll make you bleed”, – stated in the message.

Fourth floor Chown Hall is dedicated to the indigenous peoples and interested in the culture, and living there about 50 representatives of first Nations and other students who are close to this culture.

Official representatives of the University have already declared that this note is “cowardly violates human rights and dignity”.

After the note has been removed, the student Association held a national ceremony at the residence.

The University asks all students who have any information to report to campus security or the police.