Quentin Tarantino after writing the book he promised to work with the tenth film

The famous Director Quentin Tarantino has promised to remove the tenth film, but at the moment is paramount. Now cultural figure, still intends to finish the book. Also he will do a show and a theatre production.

Квентин Тарантино после написания книги пообещал заняться десятым фильмом

By March next year, Quentin Tarantino hopes to finish the book. After that, most likely, the Director will play. Then he starts to work on the series. Once all these projects are complete, the Director will think what to do with the tenth movie. He warned that the fans will have to wait for pictures.

After finishing work on the script for “Once in Hollywood” Tarantino wrote the play. Then he began to work on the five TV show episodes. As for the book, the Director will tell her about the veteran who starts to watch the films of Federico Fellini and Akira Kurosawa after a disappointment in Hollywood films. It is reported that Tarantino intends to shoot a series in the Western style. On the alleged plot last job is not reported.