Quentin Tarantino spoke about the new project

Hollywood Director Quentin Tarantino said he is working on a new creative project.

Квентин Тарантино рассказал о новом проекте

“I have a character who participated in the Second world war, and had seen much bloodshed. And now he’s back home (it is somewhere in the 1950s), his films are not affected. He considers them childish after all that has passed,” said Tarantino.

According to the Director, the hero accidentally hears about films by Kurosawa and Fellini. The character begins taking interest in them. The veteran even more convinced of the falsehood of Hollywood films.

The timing of the release of the novel, and its title is unknown.

Tarantino also added that the next and last movie may be a horror film or a sequel to “Kill bill”.

“Honestly, I don’t know what will be in the 10th movie. If you think that all the strips tell the same story, and each of my paintings is a small car in one of the engine, I want to make some huge superfilm, which completes the logic of all my huge movie,” summed up Tarantino.