Quotations of dollar and Euro to the closing of the interbank market rose

Thursday, January 9, bidding on the dollar on the interbank currency market opened with quotations of 24.07/of 24.10, the closing quotes were 24,095/is 24.12.

Котировки доллара и евро к закрытию межбанка выросли

The minimum quotation for the dollar on the reporting time was of 24.07, maximum – 24,125. With regard to the sale, the minimum quotation since made up of 24.10, max – 24,155.

Bidding on the Euro began with quotes 26,7538/26,7847, the closing quotes were 26,7671/26,7949.

Trades on Russian ruble opened with quotations 0,3932/0,3941, the closing quotes were 0,3933/0,3941.

According to the data obtained LIGA.net from “Ukrdealing”