Rabbit Hole: new track and new music video for The Franklin Electric

Rabbit Hole: new play and new music video for The Franklin Electric


Montreal band The Franklin Electric is releasing a new piece today, titled Rabbit Hole. A music video, shot in Mexico with singer Jon Matte's cell phone, has also just been released. 

It's an “acoustic and thoughtful indie folk ballad slowly reminding listeners to let go” delivered by Jon Matte and his band with Rabbit Hole.

The play addresses themes precious for the leader of the Montreal formation, either the letting go of memories of the past or what lies ahead as well as the appreciation of the present moment.

The song, which gives a beautiful preview of the album to be released in the fall, was recorded and produced by Conner Seidel, who works with Charlotte Cardin, Half Moon Run and Les Soeurs Boulay, among others. It is available today on all platforms.