Racist scandal of the match “Shakhtar” – “Dynamo” discusses the whole world (photo)

Расистский скандал матча "Шахтер" – "Динамо" обсуждает весь мир (фото)


The match of the 14th round of the Ukrainian Premier League between Shakhtar and Dynamo (1:0) is suddenly in the spotlight of the world media after the incident, which happened in the 75th minute.

In one episode the judge has fixed infringement of rules from the captain of “miners” Tyson, what the player was clearly not agree. It responded to the fans of the capital club and began to make sounds like monkeys screaming. Under “sight” ultras “Dynamo” came as compatriot taison, Dentinho.

In turn, Tyson kicked in the side of the fan stands the ball and showed the middle finger. The referee suspended the match and led the team off the field stands in the room, and after the game resumed, Tyson received a red card for his outburst against the stands.

Today the racist scandal on a match “Shakhtar” – “Dynamo” became one of the main topics of discussion in the world media.

“My role is to fight, to beat his chest, raise his head and continue to always fight”, – quotes the head of the air force.

Расистский скандал матча "Шахтер" – "Динамо" обсуждает весь мир (фото)

Player “Shakhtar” Tyson removed after the reaction to alleged racism, BBC reports.

“In a racist society it is not enough to not be racist, we have to be antiracists! Football needs more respect”, – quotes the words of the captain of the Pitmen publishing.

The Guardian also reminds that this is not the first case when in a racist scandal, Dynamo fans, and gives an example of a qualifying match of the Champions League 2015 between Dynamo Kyiv and Chelsea (0:0), held at the NSC “Olympic” in which four black fans of the guest team came under attack from the Kiev ultras.

Then, UEFA has put Kiev club to disciplinary action, and Dynamo played two European home games behind closed doors.

Расистский скандал матча "Шахтер" – "Динамо" обсуждает весь мир (фото)

Player “Shakhtar” Tyson removed due to reaction to racist abuse, says The Guardian.

Not remained aloof from the fight in Kharkov and the Spanish flagship Marca.

Расистский скандал матча "Шахтер" – "Динамо" обсуждает весь мир (фото)

Removed the shock and abuse of fans shouting racist chants, says Mags.

Italian media Tyson likened to Mario Balotelli, in respect of which the Italian fans are racist large-scale war.

Расистский скандал матча "Шахтер" – "Динамо" обсуждает весь мир (фото)

Tyson in the role of Balotelli against racist insults removed, left the field in tears (Corriere dello Sport).

Расистский скандал матча "Шахтер" – "Динамо" обсуждает весь мир (фото)

Ukraine: taison (Shakhtar Donetsk) is deleted as a result of protest against the racist shouts (L’equipe).