Rada allocate additional UAH 10 bn retired

Changes to the state budget for 2020 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has provided an additional 10 billion UAH for the payment of pensions and allowances.

Рада предусмотрела дополнительные 10 млрд гривен на пенсии

About it reports RBC-Ukraine.

So, the cost of setting up a Fund for combating coronavirus has been reduced almost by 32.4 billion hryvnias — from 97.06 billion to 64,67 billion. Of savings the social policy Ministry will allocate 10 billion UAH for payment of pensions and allowances to pensions, and 0.6 billion hryvnias to help.

The law also provides that in the case of the admission of term of re-examination of a person with a disability who receives a pension assigned in accordance with the law of Ukraine “On pensions of persons discharged from military service and certain other persons”, the payment of a disability pension does not stop until the expiration of the specified quarantine.