Rain and fog led to a collapse at the airports and on the roads: how will the weather in the United States

A record number of Americans are traveling this holiday season, and many of them, going to a way, confronted with bad weather, says CBS News.

Дождь и туман привели к коллапсам в аэропортах и на дорогах: как изменится погода в США

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Heavy rain and strong winds swept across southern California. Christmas is expected to increase rain, and in mountain areas it can snow.

Rains have led to flooding and evacuation in some parts of South Carolina. And in South Florida flash floods led to a brief collapse at the international airport of Fort Lauderdale in one of the busiest days of the year, which resulted in long queues and hundreds of delays for domestic flights.

Delays at airports has been a problem in Chicago: the national weather service said that “the thick, freezing fog” appeared last night. For a short time Tuesday morning in Chicago’s international airports, O’hare and midway was not made departures and landings until the fog dissipated.

“This is hardly the worst conditions for the flight — told the Associated Press meteorologist Kevin Donofrio. — When visibility is reduced to a quarter of a mile, the aircraft becomes very dangerous to land”.

According to the American automobile Association, more than 115 million Americans will travel this holiday season by 3.9% more than last year.

The correspondent Ola Lange reports that the busiest travel day this holiday season will be Thursday, December 26. This is reflected on the price of tickets, which on Christmas eve increased from an average of $ 525 to nearly $ 700 the day after Christmas.

Writes Weather.com in California on Christmas day we can expect heavy rains in the Rocky mountains will be snowing with ice, and on the South and East closer to the weekend also will be heavy rains, so travelers can face problems after the holidays. However, the strong storm that is expected this weekend in the Midwest and East, may not be as East of the Rocky mountains is only marginally cold air mass and it is expected to weaken quickly pass the Eastern part of the country.

However, directly to Christmas in southern California “get wet”, the mountains will be covered with snow. The strongest rain will come in the region in the night of Thursday, this could lead to local flooding in the typical areas. Warning about winter storms was published by the National weather service on some of the mountains of the Southland, including lake big Bear, where for Thursday night may take a heavy snowfall with gusty winds — it can cause damage to trees and power outages in these areas. The journey through the passes, for example, in the grapevine North of Los Angeles, can be a challenge to Christmas night.

The most part from Central Arizona to Colorado and Southeast Wyoming will get a few inches of snow in the higher terrain of Eastern Arizona, southwestern Colorado and Northern new Mexico snow depth can reach 10 inches (25 centimeters).

While there is no clear prediction about what the weather is waiting for the Central and Eastern part of the United States. Moisture from weather systems will spread to the plains and the Midwest from Friday evening to Saturday, overlapping the cold air, creating a region with freezing rain and sleet. Saturday is expected to light or moderate snow from Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas to Eastern North Dakota and Minnesota. Due to gusty winds from Eastern Dakota to Minnesota can blow and drift the snow storms. In the South, rain is expected.

This winter rainfall may be delayed in some parts of the Midwest on Saturday evening to Sunday, before it can spread to New England by Sunday. Gusty snowfall likely Sunday as low pressure system moves into southeastern Canada.

Snowfall should begin to decrease on Monday.