Rain, snow, hail, and tornado: in the North-East and the southern United States a storm is coming

On the last day of destructive storms struck Texas, Iowa and Ohio, according to ABC News.

Дожди, снегопады, град и торнадо: на северо-восток и юг США надвигается буря

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Reports of damaged due to storms property came from different parts of Arkansas, Illinois and Oklahoma. There is no information about the appearance of a tornado, but at the moment this possibility cannot be ruled out.

On the reverse side of this storm system, heavy snow and blizzards. They affected Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, where in some areas dropped up to 2 feet (61 cm) of snow.

During a storm the night dropped 3 to 4 inches (73-101 mm) precipitation in the form of rain that led to flash flooding in areas from Kansas to Ohio.

As of Friday morning, March 20, storm system that brought severe weather and blizzards on the plains has now moved into other areas – from Texas to the northeast.

In Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio continue floods, rivers overflow their banks. So for these regions continues to receive flood warnings.

On Friday afternoon, March 20, storm system and cold front will move into the northeast. This will lead to strong wind gusts, possible hail, and even the occurrence of a tornado.

By Friday evening a cold front will bring South heavy rains, strong winds and large hail. In some regions of the South for the next day of possible heavy rainfall that may lead to additional flooding.