Rakytskyy “unexpectedly” resigned from the national team of Ukraine because of the policy

Ракицкий «неожиданно» ушел из сборной Украины из-за политики

Former player Donetsk “Shakhtar” Yaroslav Rakitskiy, whose controversial transfer to Russian side Zenit in their time blew up the social network, announced retirement from the national team of Ukraine, which did not cause it since October last year.

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“Congratulations, Ukraine, on Euro 2020, I wish you success, guys — you are great, cool game! 10 years ago I debuted for the main team, and today you say “goodbye”. I am leaving the Ukraine team. I was waiting for the call to the team throughout 2019. But football has become big politics. Just fear is driving the people who send out invitations to the national team. Not skills football skills, you appeal. Football is the policy?

It was an honor to defend the colors of their national team, to win and to prove the strength of the Ukrainians. The honor to present the colors of its flag in the international arena.

Thank you to everyone who supported and those who did not support. You are charged to be stronger. I have always fought on the football field for the victory to Ukraine! I wish you only gold medals! Thanks!”, — posted by Yaroslav Rakitskiy on his page in Instagram.

Of course, the lack of comments under the post, the now ex-player national team of Ukraine.

“G*vneed)))) make yourself rosiyanskie passport in Ukraine do not come”,

“The greatest player of our team, thanks for all the titles and achievements, you are the best!!!)”,

“It is logical. You knew that going in. The Ordets tell me what is written”,

“Yarik best! When Shakhtar will return to Donetsk — CFM you in his team, in the native Donbass arena!”

“T, l*bil?! (Maskalik pid***si zahopili our cream the Donbas, was poubivali I prodoljaute ubiati ukraïntsiv!!! And t x*IGNOU Saimaa!!! M*duck tee, short!!!(((SLW just dumb!!! Chris!!!”.

Note that in the national team of Ukraine defender played 54 matches and scored five goals (participated in Euro 2012 and Euro 2016).


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