Raped and thrown from the balcony: a tourist from new York was almost killed in the Dominican Republic

A woman from new York told me that while on vacation in the Dominican Republic last month it was allegedly drugged, raped and thrown from a second floor balcony.

Изнасиловали и выбросили с балкона: туристка из Нью-Йорка чуть не погибла в Доминикане

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A resident of Staten island, whose name was not disclosed, said that the attack she received a spinal injury, cuts on the hands and internal trauma from being raped, says Fox News.

She suggested that, most likely, she was drugged in drink when she was talking with a couple at the pool bar at the hotel Ocean Blue and Sand in Punta Cana, where she rested. The resort has not yet commented on the alleged incident.

According to her, the man with whom they together drank a few drinks, took her to a room against her will and raped and then thrown from the balcony.

“When people go on vacation, then try a little to restrain their care and attention. They’re trying to relax, but I want people to know that it is not necessary to dull his caution. You should always be alert. It can happen at any time. What happened to me, happened not at night, it happened in broad daylight,” said the American.

In connection with the incident were arrested two people, they were accused of sexual assault, attempted murder, rape and robbery. At the moment they are awaiting trial and was released on bail of $ 1,000 each.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • This is not the first case when the Americans in the Dominican Republic are victims of crime or become infected with an unknown disease. Nathaniel Holmes, 63, and Cynthia Ann day, age 49, of the County of Prince George, Virginia, was discovered dead in a room at the hotel Bahía Príncipe resort Playa Nueva Romana, on the southeastern coast of the country.
  • Miranda Soup-Werner was found dead in the hotel Grand Bahía Príncipe in La Romana on may 25.
  • Relatives of 51-year-old Yvette Monique Sports said that she went to the resort in June last year and stayed at the resort Bahia Principe Resort in Punta Cana. In the room she drank a drink from the Minibar and died the same night.
  • A woman from new York says that because of the soda bottles filled with bleach, she bled at the same resort in the Dominican Republic, where he died a few tourists.
  • 31-year-old tourist from Russia Maria Cheremushkin died while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. The incident occurred on the night of 1 June. The family learned that shortly before the incident, the girl complained of pain in the heart, however, the necessary assistance was not provided. To the hospital for some reason it was sent in a taxi because the ambulance staff refused to call.
  • Graduating high school deer Creek (OK) took off on June 8 in the Dominican Republic and settled in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, where previously killed at least 2 Americans, and a few others got sick. Soon, the Teens felt ill, a diagnosis they have not been able to establish.
  • On June 18 it became known about death in the Dominican Republic, 55-year-old Joseph Allen from new Jersey. His body on June 13 was found on the floor of a hotel room.
  • On 20 June it became known that the 59-year-old Susan simoneau died on June 19 in New Orleans after she was urgently hospitalized due to fluid in the lungs. Her death came a week after she returned from her honeymoon in Punta Cana.
  • 21 Jun families of two dead in the Dominican Republic of American tourists turned to Fox News, the news about the other two victims of the terrible resort. It became clear that September 17, 2016 during the rest died 69-year-old resident of Pennsylvania, and April 18, 2018 — 41-year-old man from Kansas.
  • On 24 June the state Department confirmed the death of one more American tourist in the Dominican Republic. They became the 56-year-old Vittorio Caruso from Glen Cove, long island.
  • 26 Jun in the hospital at the island resort died Khalid adkins from Denver. He rested there with his daughter, but he was not allowed on the plane back to the U.S. because it is too painful form. In the end, he died in hospital a few days later.

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