Rapists are not all equal

All rapists are not equal


So Simon Houle, an engineer who sexually assaulted a woman and photographed her private parts, was granted a discharge because a criminal record “would have jeopardized his career. danger” and would have prevented him from traveling abroad. 

But what a well-advised decision!

What benevolence from from Judge Matthieu Poliquin!


After all, Mr. Houle is no small worker! He is not a simple worker, who repairs lawnmowers in his garage!

He is an engineer! Who's got his engineer's ring!

We can't punish him like he's a naked guy!

A Maytag repairman! 

An Uber driver!

Mister has studied for a long time! He has to travel as part of his job!

To meet other engineers like him!

And we would impose on him a criminal record that he would drag like a ball and chain all his life?

But come on, don't you think about it?

What's next?

Are we going to give criminal records to politicians who committed sexual assault?

Notaries? Lawyers?

What's the point of being part of the elite if you're not entitled to a few small advantages?

A cabinetmaker who rapes, that's dangerous! It can start again! 

But an engineer…

Come on!


And then, as Judge Poliquin said in his great wisdom, the assault in question “took place after all quickly”!

< p>The man did not linger, no! He had the decency to commit his crime in a flash!

Wham Bam Thank You M'am!

What do you want, at the time, Monsieur was still a student! He didn't have to do that! He had textbooks to read, exams to prepare for!

Not all rapists are equal

All rapists are not equal

It's hard, studying in engineering, it takes effort, concentration!

So when you sexually assault a woman, you don't linger! We do it fast! We don't make the torture last!

It's not like a humanities student who has plenty of time! 

And who has nothing to do!


And then, another mitigating factor that must be taken into consideration when the time comes to impose a sentence: Judge Poliquin said that Mr. Houle was intoxicated when he committed his assault, “which would explain his behavior”!

Not only was the defendant an engineer, which puts him above the average bear and allows him to benefit from the leniency of justice, but he was under the influence of alcohol!

He wasn't a simple citizen, oh no!

He was an engineering student!

And a drunk engineering student, to boot !

Let the engineering students who have never committed (quick) drunken sexual assault throw the first stone at him!

And, as you know, Your Honor, engineering studies are hard!


What am I saying? Exhausting!

How do you resist alcohol when the weekend comes?

We have a drink to relax, then two and three, and oops, happens what happens, right?


Moral of the story: all sex offenders are equal in the face of justice… but some are more equal than others.

All rapists are not equal