Rapper Kanye West goes to the President of the United States: what he thinks about trump, racism and the coronavirus

A tweet by rapper Kanye West that he was going to run for President of the United States, aroused by the Internet, and analysts began to speculate how he is serious. His first interview after the announcement of West, who became a billionaire thanks to sneakers, gave Forbes.

Рэпер Канье Уэст идет в президенты США: что он думает о Трампе, расизме и коронавирусе

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Kanye West running for President in 2020 from party Birthday Party (play of words: “Party in honor of birthday” and “birthday Party”). Kanye will nominate for Vice-President unknown man, and he is supported by Elon Musk.

“Like everything I have ever done in my life, I do it to win,” says West.

“This interview I essentially waive the red caps,” said the rapper, noting that he no longer supports Donald trump.

He had never in his life did not vote.

The decision was made

During the interview, the rapper constantly call and remind you that he has only 30 days to make a final decision. An hour later he said that the decision was made: West is definitely going to run this year, not in 2024-m, as originally planned. The slogan of his campaign: “YES!” His candidate for Vice-President — Michelle Tidball, a little-known preacher from Wyoming. On the question of why he called the campaign Birthday Party, West says: “Because in that moment, when we win, everyone will have a birthday.”

“I talk with the experts, I’m going to talk to Jared Kushner, the White house, with Biden,” says West.

He had no campaign program. Advisers Kanye’s two people that are stronger than others support his intentions are: his wife Kim Kardashian-West and billionaire Elon Musk.

“We discussed it for years,” says West. The mask, according to him, he offered to become head of the US space program.

To some this will seem a parody or surreal episode of the show “the Family Kardashian”, but not West. He called from his ranch in Wyoming and reported that on Monday, for the first time in my life I registered to vote. The hypothesis that this is a publicity stunt for his new album, he denies, claiming that giving the album for free.

Just a few weeks ago the West were sending messages “trump 2020” Emoji in the form of a raised fist. But now he insists that he has lost confidence in the President.

“I believe that all of this terrible mess, he says. I don’t like the rumors that he was hiding in a bunker”.

West also mentions that at the end of February had coronavirus, but insisted that it had nothing to do with his idea to run this year.

About his decision to run, he says: “It reminds me of how I was awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Awards at the MTV. I remember living in the house mother, that is mother-in-law, because my house is still under construction. She calls me “son” and I call her “mom.” I was in the shower and thinking, I write rap in the shower. I came up with the line “you’re going to be elected President,” and I began to laugh hysterically. I thought it was just the best. I will come to them, and they’ll think I’m going to perform these songs for entertainment, to talk about the fact that all prizes were bought and then say that I’m the President. And I was just laughing in the shower. Don’t know how long, but it was then I thought.”

“The Lord gave me a revelation and said that it’s my time. You know I was in the hospital that people said I was crazy. I’m not crazy. All these temptations, all these situations are faced we the musicians: you go on tour, release albums, and then see what you got in the Bank no money left. It can drive you crazy. And all this time I looked crazy, because my time has not yet come. Now is the time. And we are not crazy, we wear the Yeezy, which is a very different level. D-R-U-G-O-Y,” says the rapper.

About trump and Biden

West stated that he would be running for as a Republican, “if the party doesn’t have trump.” But as a President there, the West decided to act as an independent candidate.

According to the rapper, one of the main reasons he wore a cap with the slogan trump’s Make America Great Again — is “a protest against the division of votes in the black community. This is in addition to the fact that I like the hotels trump and saxophones in the lobby.”

He never scolds trump’s much more likely he criticizes Biden, which of course does not contradict the idea that the Birthday Party was created to support the re-election trump.

“I’m not saying that trump is in my way. He might be a part of my journey. And Joe Biden? Oh come on. You know what? Obama is a great man. Trump is a great man. Say that Kanye West is a remarkable man. America needs great leaders. Bill Clinton? Outstanding. And Joe Biden is not.”

He was not worried about that, depriving the democratic candidate Joe Biden votes of black voters, he thereby will help Trump.

“I don’t deny it. To say that the blacks always vote for Democrats is a form of racism and ideas of white supremacy,” notes West.

“Political parties often believe that all blacks should be Democrats. This man, Joe Biden, said: if you don’t vote for me, you’re not black. So, we pretend like we didn’t hear that? Pretend we didn’t hear him say it? He said it. We’ve had enough. We act, we all do. Jay-Z has spoken better than all. As for the other candidates, I offer you with dignity deleted: trump, Biden, just retire”.

“I once spoke with Jared Kushner, who said that we have no black leaders, we have only dealers. Why? Because all black leaders killed,” says West.

Neither the White house nor the representatives of Kouchner did not respond to a request for comment Forbes.

“To say that all black people must be Democrats and believe that, standing, I contribute to a split among voters is a form of racism, white supremacy, their control. All such ideas are promoting Democrats on the social networks. And the Democrats repeatedly told me, the same Democrats threatened me, says West.- The reason why I just registered today to vote, is that I was scared. I was told that if I will vote for trump, my music career is over. I was forced to be in only one of the party. Me like a celebrity forced to be in only one of the party. Me as a black man, forced to join the Democratic party. And this is emotional abuse, which Democrats have subjected my people. Threatening the people to such an extent that some white people can tell black: “If you don’t vote for me, you’re not black”.

According to Kanye West, “the President appoints the Lord, and if I win in 2020 or 2024, it is the decision of the Lord.”

West also said that the reason for children’s suicides, shootings in Chicago and drug addiction the fact that schools are required “to return the fear and love of the Lord.”

Here’s what the rapper said about his political debut: “I must say with all modesty that I don’t have it all figured out. As I speak about the political race or the political walk. As I said, because I don’t run (of run — “run” or “run”), I’m coming. I’m not running, we’re all going. We don’t run, we run, we are not excited and full of energy. You say: “I Hear on the other side of the street you’ll get a new car.” And you are so excited that they begin to run across the street and you get hit by a car while you run to your new car. Here and control the black community: through emotions. They make us excited, we so excited, but for 400 years, significant changes did not occur”.

About the political course and the model of finding wakanda “Black Panther”

“I don’t know if I can call your approach political course. I had no policy when I came in and created a Nike Yeezy or when I went to Louis Vuitton and has developed a signature sneakers with them. It was not a political course, and design. Now we need to strive to innovation, to free the mind,” notes West.

He imagines that the White house arranged as secret country of Wakanda from the movie “Black Panther”.

“Many Africans don’t like that movie [“Black Panther”] and how they are presented in Wakanda. But now I will argue on the example of finding wakanda, because it is the best way to explain how our team of creators will feel in the White house. Here’s a positive idea: you have Kanye West, one of the most influential people — I’m not talking “most influential”, because you have incredible superpowers, and only together we will be able to release them, says the rapper. — Back to Wakanda… like when the king of finding wakanda sent to the chief scientist to develop samoshvatyvayuscheysya boots. Just think, what innovations are possible, what innovations are possible in medicine — for example, large pharmaceutical companies — we will work together on innovation. It’s not like the murder of Nipsey Hussle (this is now making a documentary). So many soldiers die for our freedom, for our freedom of information that we need to find a cure for AIDS. It will be the combination of pharmaceutical companies and holistic practices.”

“When I become President — let me give some promises — the NBA will play everywhere, from Nigeria to Nanchang, and the world will see the greatest athletes. The world will change. Money back. I love China. I love China. This disease is not the fault of China. It is not the fault of the Chinese. I love China. It changed my life. It changed my view of the world, he allowed me to see much wider. My mother, a teacher of English, taught English in China, when I was in fifth grade”.

About the coronavirus, and vaccination

In February he had contracted the coronavirus. West is suspicious of the vaccine COVID-19 and think vaccines are the “seal of Antichrist”.

“Are you cold, are you in bed with a fever, take a hot shower, watching a video, where you tell how to recover. I remember someone told me that Drake became ill with the coronavirus, and I said that Drake me and it will not surpass!”, laughing told the rapper about his illness.

He was confident that the branch of the “American Federation of family planning” were opened throughout the country, “the supporters of the supremacy of the white race, to serve the devil.”

“So many of our children was paralyzed after vaccination? When I hear that we will get rid of coronavirus with a vaccine, I know better. This is the seal of the Antichrist, says West. — They want us chipped, want to do many other things that we are unable to enter into the gates of heaven. The sad thing is that we won’t be in Paradise all that some of us don’t make it. Next question.”

West also mentioned that it is opposed not only vaccination, but also abortion, the death penalty and the widespread use of chemicals.

About the police officers, the month of black history and a campaign slogan

“One of the tasks on my list is to end police brutality. But the police are people too, says the rapper. — It is necessary to cancel the meaningless laws. For example, in the case of George Floyd — there was a guy who was in prison and he served in the police in the first day. If you have the first day of school, and then an experienced police officer with 18 violations took up the case, you’re not going to disturb him and risk the same day of losing their jobs? Especially in a situation where 40 000 people were left without work? The man turned out to be in this position, and he probably didn’t realize that the police will go that far, he probably was so scared, shocked, paralyzed, as a dark-skinned. I’m one of the few black people who dare to say so openly”.

“And something else. Black history month. It’s torture porn, because when it comes up, that’s what we see — this is our way, and we’re beautiful, inspiring, joyful, creative way as a people, as America, we will show the world our greatness. So. Every year during the month of black history, they remind us that we couldn’t vote (they are supporters of ideas of white supremacy), and I knew what I was talking about. Our mind is much more than what we see in TikTok or Instagram, that tries to influence our children and the next generation.”

“Well, my second album is called Late Registration (“Late registration”). I have a text. Furthermore, my campaign is called Kanye West YES (“YES Kanye West”), not YEP, not YEAH. Yes, Yes, YES… When I become President, let’s go have some fun. Let’s digress from talking about racism, let’s give people forty acres and a mule, let’s share the land, here is my plan.”



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