Rapper Kanye West said that he was going to run for President of the United States: will he be able to do it

American rap artist Kanye West wrote on Twitter that he was going to run for President. It is unclear whether the jokes prone to outrageous musician, but the statement of the husband of Kim Kardashian just in the first hour received hundreds of thousands of retweets. About it writes BBC.

Рэпер Канье Уэст заявил, что собирается баллотироваться на пост президента США: сможет ли он это сделать

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West is not the first time speaks about the presidency: in October, after the release of their new album in an interview, he promised to nominate his candidacy at the presidential elections in the United States in 2024, and for the first time about presidential ambitions, he said in 2015, then Kanye has linked himself with the Democratic party of the United States. Since then, his political sympathies have changed — he has met with the President of the United States Republican Donald trump, spoke in support of it and called trump his brother.

“Now we, believing in God, uniting our vision and building our future should realize the potential of America. I’m running for President of the United States!” — a tweet published West independence Day on 4 July.

Рэпер Канье Уэст заявил, что собирается баллотироваться на пост президента США: сможет ли он это сделать

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The reaction in social networks, where the West almost 30 million fans, different — from sarcastic jokes like “late registration” and “Taylor swift still better than you” calls, “help this person” and promises “I’ll be with Biden”.

Among the most notable supporters of this idea — Elon Musk, recently launched Dragon spacecraft to the ISS Crew; and West, inclined to provocations and outrageous businessman wrote under the post Kanye: “I fully support you”.

The famous rapper’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, responded to a tweet by her husband, posting a picture with the American flag.

Can he make it?

Elections in the United States must pass 3 Nov, so if 43-year-old musician is seriously considering to compete with the two main candidates — Donald Trump from the Republicans and Joe Biden from the Democrats some time to go through all the official circles had not left much.

According to Bloomberg, no documents to the Federal election Commission Kanye not filed in order that his name appeared on the ballot in the state (obviously, it could be California), but the deadline in many States has not yet passed, and the West could run as an independent candidate.

But even in this case, it faces a lot of obstacles to zero in July-the month in an election year to launch a presidential campaign.

In theory, he can get support for any third party or register a new one.

In 1992, Texas millionaire Ross Perot participated in the election race as an independent candidate and won 18.9% of the vote. To participate in the next elections, in 1996, the Pen has registered a new Reformist party, but ended up with less — 8% of the vote.

Trick and self-praise?

It is possible that Kanye West is just a publicity stunt. Some observers began to wonder whether this step ingenious plan designed to discourage Joe Biden’s black electorate and thereby help Trump?

Kanye West — a longtime supporter of the current President and openly expressed admiration of him.

In October 2018, Kanye with his wife visited the White house to visit for discussion with the trump prison reform that ultimately resulted in an emotional meeting and public assurances of mutual admiration. The newspaper said the emerging “bromance” between the President and the rapper, calling this unexpected Alliance of music and politics is no less strange than the welcome given in 1970 by Richard Nixon to Elvis Presley.

Kanye to the White house came in a red baseball cap with the inscription-the slogan for trump’s “Make America great again!” Then trump asked if Kanye becoming the next President, to which he said “may be”.

West himself the same question replied, “Only after 2024. Let’s not worry about the future. All we have is today.” Calling 2024 rapper, obviously, hinted that before the end of the last of two possible dates for trump, he even will not think about the nomination.

In January 2019, he again took to Twitter mysterious “2024”, which many interpreted as a confirmation of the idea that he will nominate his candidacy in this year.


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