Rapper Serega has told about long-term conflict with Monticom

The contractor is assured that all is an invention of the press.

Рэпер Серега рассказал о многолетнем конфликте с Монатиком

Belarusian rapper Seryoga 15 years ago blew up the music charts with his hit “Black Bumer”.

Brutal and brazen rapper was captured and the Ukrainian public. Clips of the singer spinning on all TV channels, he was invited to leading television shows, according to the program “Life of famous people”.

On the participation of earrings in one talent show and say so far. Almost a decade ago, he was in a scandal with the now superstar Dmitry Monticom. Then Dima came to the casting in “X-Factor”, where Sergei was sitting on the jury. But the severe rapper flunked a future star.

“It’s a phrase taken out of context. There just took and cut off the big finish. And the ending was: “Go on.” I was the one whose voice has decided it will take place or not. Yes, I told him “Yes”. If I hadn’t, he would not have got there,” commented Serge.

But, according to spectators, he as a professional musician, couldn’t see Dima in a future star. Because of this Parkhomenko poured a bunch of Haight and negativity. And attributed to a protracted conflict with Monticom.

“Well, I think, want to see what they see and want to hear what they want to hear. They are interested archetypicalness conflict. Type, I was successful and he is not known to anyone aspiring artist. He is so kind, believes in his dream and I have it cut at the root. Just say no, and then he passes and 10 years as Monatic became a superstar. Well, “Boomer” already forgotten,” said the rapper.

In fact, all this time, all of 10 years Sergey and Dima is not just talked and supported each other and even families were friends.

“Stir up a conflict that never was. My children have Monetica at the Studio singing the song “dashing gray days,” which Monatic wrote. And he plays the piano,” commented Serge.