Raptors released sport the hijab together with Nike (PHOTO)

Raptors выпустили спортивный хиджаб совместно с Nike (ФОТО)

Basketball team Toronto Raptors have released officially licensed sports hijab for Muslim women in collaboration with Nike.

In the video, which was applied together with the news about it, you can see how some young women from organizations from greater Toronto Hijabi Ballers play basketball. This organization fights for the rights and opportunities for Muslim women in sport.

Some women in the video I share my opinion and some of their stories.

On the headdress on one side, you can see the Raptors logo, and on the other side is the Nike logo.

In General, the sports hijabs for Muslim women have become popular in the past year, many large firms started their production. However, the official headdress of the NBA can be observed for the first time.

Interesting fact that in Toronto you can buy hijab only at RealSports. Online and in other places he’s still not sold.