Ravens: Lamar Jackson reportedly turned down $250 million

Ravens: Lamar Jackson reportedly refused $250 million


Lamar Jackson wants a 100% guaranteed contract, rejecting a $250 million deal from the Baltimore Ravens.

At least that's what ESPN reported on Sunday. Jackson recently accepted the concession player tag, so he'll make about $23 million this year.

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Jackson would like to emulate Deshaun Watson, whose $230 million pact with the Cleveland Browns is fully guaranteed.

Having played 12 games in 2021, Jackson, 25, has joined his receivers 64.4% of the time when he threw the ball. He helped his team advance 2,882 yards this way, finding a teammate 16 times in the end zone. He was the victim of 13 interceptions. He rushed for 762 yards himself, scoring two majors with his feet.

Jackson attained superstar status in 2019, being named the league's most valuable player at the end of his first full campaign in the NFL.