Reaction Justin Bieber for a Maple Leafs game in Toronto won the Internet (PHOTO)

Реакция Джастина Бибера на игру Maple Leafs в Торонто покорила интернет (ФОТО)

World famous canadian singer Justin Bieber was in Toronto for a game of the famous ice hockey team Maple Leafs. During the match, pop star were extremely happy and looked like a true fan.

25-year-old singer was spotted at Scotiabank Arena on Friday with his dad, when the Maple Leafs in the home match won 4-1 team San Jose Sharks.

The pair sat at the bench of the team, and Bieber sported a t-shirt with the number Oston Matthews, who is a fan of the singer.

Bieber posted their photos from the match in the history of Instagram, and 4 pictures of the stadium got into his tape with the caption “the meeting of father and son”, including a scene where Justin and Jeremy Bieber are happy and laugh.

Justin Bieber looked very happy, especially when in the third quarter of the match when Morgan Riley scored, and these photos and video of the moment quickly conquered the Internet.

It is no secret that Justin Bieber is a big fan of the Maple Leafs. He even drove wife Hayley Baldwin on a few matches.