Real life. A neighbor brought us food because we were not allowed to leave the house. What is it about

My husband and I live alone. At one time, the children went to study in another city, stayed there to work, started families and lived separately.

 Real life. Our neighbor brought us food, because we were not allowed to leave the house. What's going on

Sometimes they come to visit. A month ago, my husband and I caught a known virus. We were prescribed medication and told to stay home for two weeks. Of course, we didn't go out because we didn't even have the strength to cook something to eat. The children were worried about us, called but could not come, they were sick themselves. A neighbor called and asked where we went. I told her what situation we found ourselves in.

After a few hours, she called again, saying she had left us food at our door. She brought broth and mashed potatoes. Both husband and I had a delicious meal. Then I called to say thank you. She said she cooked for the family and she added us too, no need to thank. A few days later she called again. This time she brought peas and pasta with tomato sauce. I called again to say thank you and say that I feel much better and can cook food for us.

She wished us well and added that we can give the money back when we feel better. Honestly, I didn't understand what he was talking about, so I asked again. She replied that it was money for cooked food and for work. I had no words. Of course, I said I'd give the money back, but I thought she helped us from the bottom of my heart. And this incomprehensible state lasted in me for a long time. On the one hand, I understand that she was spending money and cooking.

But she noticed herself that she was cooking for her family and gave us only a part. Was it really worth asking me for money? On the other hand, I am grateful to her for helping us in difficult times. Here is the story …