Real life. After 18 years of marriage, she divorced. This caused a huge metamorphosis. What it looks like now

Mom attributes her amazing transformation to her divorce and joining Tinder. Emma Sheppard, 42, split up from her husband in 2020.

 Real life. After 18 years of marriage, she divorced. It caused a huge metamorphosis. What does she look like now

M & oacute; and that her busy life as a wife, it left her unhappy – both in herself and in her appearance. However, after two years, Emma says that & ldquo; has blossomed & rdquo; turning her life around.

A big change after breaking up. The tired housewife is gone

Mom of two children entered the gym and gave up unhealthy food & ndash; instead, she ate healthy meals that she cooked at home. She also fell in love and began to leave – and set up a Tinder account.

Emma said she has since attracted a lot of attention, including the man who provided that he was on Love Island. Emma, ​​a social worker from Blackpool, Lancashire, said: “I am now extremely happy to have changed my life completely.

& ldquo; I feel amazing and it seems to me that beauty comes from within. It's like walking in the air. Before that, I was constantly working hard and cared for everyone, but not for myself. But one day I just realized it was my turn.

& ldquo; I looked old, worthless and exhausted, but now I live my best life. I'm overjoyed and I look completely different & rdquo ;.

Emma got married in 2000, at the age of 22. She thought she would be married for life, but the relationship started to fall apart a few years ago, she said.

Her husband moved out in January 2021 and the divorce was completed in October of the same year. Emma said she was overwhelmed at first, but after listening to Roar, Katy Perry decided to go further.

In the beginning, she completely redecorated her wardrobe, adding to her usual black trousers and a flat-heeled spike shoe. boots, high heels and colorful jackets and coats. She also started using red lipstick for the first time and cut her smoking intake from 20 to just four.

& ldquo; I had no confidence in myself and was too isolated. I just existed, worked to pay the bills and just survive. One day I woke up and thought: “You come from a family of strong women, you are free and you can change your life”.

& ldquo; I realized that I was capable of so much more. It was like strength from someone watching over me. Everything about me is completely different now. “