Real life. At 50, a friend of mine packed up and left her husband. What happened

From an early age, my grandmother told me that marriage should not be delayed, because there are not enough princes for everyone.

 Real life. At the age of 50 my friend packed up and left her husband. What happened

At the same time, to be chosen, you have to be able to clean, cook, raise children, look good and earn a living. Well, on the one hand, my grandmother understands that a woman should be able to do everything, because then she will not be so dependent on her husband. But if you can handle it all by yourself, why do you need a man?

The main motive for women over 40 to leave their families is the desire for peace. They are so tired that they just try to get away from this routine, they don't want to serve their husbands anymore. Sometimes such women also have bad relations with their relatives, because they no longer run to their aid, they do not want to talk on the phone. But how can you not understand that this woman just wants peace?

The Loneliness Theme

'All my youth I didn't even have time to sit down, raising three sons, there was still a man – who constantly drank and did not help at all. On my shoulders – a huge farm, then I could not even dream of a new hairstyle or coffee with my friends. I still have shivers down my skin when I think about those damn 90s.

My sons are adults, everyone has their own families, so I decided to hate my husband and just throw him out the door. Back then, however, it was possible not to speak of peace. The eldest son started renovating his own house, so I helped them there. The youngest had twins, the daughter-in-law was having a hard time on her own, so I helped there as well.

Then my mother fell ill and I looked after her for the next two years. After the funeral, I returned home, lowered my arms, and realized I couldn't even shed a tear. I'm just tired and I need to rest. The kids started calling me, concerned about what had happened, and I just didn't want to talk to anyone. I said I want to rest. I used to fear loneliness, but now it's paradise for me. Daughter-in-law quit her job & ndash; she sewed puppets for a children's theater. And I was fascinated. Every day I came back to life and I realized that I don't want to be like before. Now I do handicrafts, I rest, I go to the children. Life returns to bright colors & rdquo; this is just one of the stories of women for whom loneliness has become a salvation.

Women's life

In our in society, women have a great responsibility for everyone: parents, husbands, children, then grandchildren. In such a hurry, there is simply no time for a manicure or just a relaxing bath in the bathroom. In the family, a woman forgets that she also deserves a vacation, that she is beautiful and can still attract the eyes of interested men. Unfortunately, she realizes it with age, and then the woman walks away to give herself another chance for happiness & hellip; And let the whole world wait. What do you think motivates women to divorce men after many years of marriage?