Real life. At the wedding of my husband's younger brother, the mother-in-law praised her new daughter-in-law. What did she say

My husband and I have been married for 5 years, but I cannot tolerate his mother's antics any longer, so I am applying for a divorce.

 Real life. At the wedding of my husband's younger brother, my mother-in-law praised her new daughter-in-law. What she said

Although people around & oacute; ł persuade me to she was not feverish, because we have children and a common life, I can't stand it anymore …

Adam and I only had the official part, and we didn't have the wedding itself. My father-in-law said that they were not ready to pay for the ceremony and my parents did not have money for everything. However, my husband and I were indifferent, because the most important thing was that we could be together. After we got married, we lived in a rented apartment.

The mother-in-law has another younger son who she loves much more than the older one. She bought him an apartment and gave him a car. C & oacute; ż, so be it. I never needed her help.

Recently, her husband's brother announced that he was going to get married. His fiancée was hopeful, so the wedding was arranged quickly. Of course, now my in-laws have found the money to celebrate.

It was unpleasant for me to see my mother-in-law adore her new daughter-in-law. She praised her hundreds and made many toasts to the bride. In front of the guests, the woman could not praise her wonderful daughter-in-law.

Later, I witnessed a conversation between my husband's mother and a friend. She asked her why my mother-in-law didn't like me. In response, she said that her son would not achieve anything with me. I am poor myself and cannot give him anything. These words touched me deeply.

Instead, my second daughter-in-law's parents promised to build a house for the newlyweds. For this reason, the mother-in-law decided to pay for their wedding in full in order to earn the parental status of the bride.

I was so outraged by this woman's attitude that I couldn't stand it and asked her directly what it was. everything means. However, she didn't even think to apologize. Besides, my mother-in-law made a scene for me and accused me of everything.

My husband didn't defend me either. He said you don't have to tease your mother, then you will avoid a conflict.

But is it my fault that he doesn't know anything about the tact? Why did I have to endure these talks and public humiliation? I don't feel guilty about this situation. I am planning a divorce with my husband because I do not need a partner who cannot support and protect me.

Who do you think is right in this situation? Will the divorce be the right decision?