Real life. He's 27 and she's 74. They say it's love. Is it true

Love knows no age, even if the age difference is mostly that between grandparents and their grandchildren.

 Real life. He's 27 and she's 74. They say it's love. Is that true

74-year-old Kathi Jenkins While searching the web, she stumbled upon 27-year-old Devaughn Aubrey, who also had a profile on the Adult FriendFinder site for adults.

An unusual couple causes an unhealthy sensation. They look like a grandmother with a grandson

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Couple from Texas & ndash; which has a 47-year age difference & ndash; she started dating in 2021 and now they are engaged and plan to legalize their sensational relationship.

& ldquo; she is perfect for me, she is very experienced in life and teaches me a lot. We never argue, we can always talk without screaming and I trust her completely & rdquo; & ndash; Aubrey reported to the media.

& ldquo; Kathi knows how to make me feel better when I'm upset and sad, but then I miss her more & rdquo; & ndash; the fiancee of the 27-year-old was delighted. & ldquo; I think I like how old he is because I like older women whether or not they need a walker and so on. It never bothered me & rdquo ;.

& ldquo; Nobody has ever loved me so completely & rdquo; & ndash; she said. & ldquo; Devaughn is kind and supportive. She thinks I'm beautiful, talented and intelligent & rdquo ;. The couple in love said their family and friends were initially a bit surprised by the age difference, but now they have accepted it and are very supportive.