Real life. I am 42 years old. I absolutely do not want my parents to move to live with me

Parents are different. There are parents who can pay for their children's holidays when they are on holiday abroad.

 Real life. I am 42 years old. I absolutely do not want my parents to move to me to live with me

And there are parents who save on their children, which negatively affects their adulthood. What are these children to do when they become adults? Should they try to do something nice for their parents?

I can't break through …

My name is Irena and I am 42 years old. My husband and I have two children. Both my husband and I come from small towns. After we got married, we lived together for three years and decided to go abroad. M & oacute; j husband and I chose Italy. We did everything to move there, and it was only there that we had children. Initially, my parents did not like the fact that my husband and I left for another country. They kept asking me to come back with my husband. But we didn't. 15 years have passed. We are used to Italy, we really like it here. Our children are also very happy here. We don't live rich, but we don't live in poverty. We have money for everything. But lately my parents keep complaining to me that they are tired of living in the country. They keep telling me that they live very poorly and that's why they want to live with me. Of course, they want to move at our expense and also want to settle accounts with us. This means that both my husband and I will have to provide them with everything. I'm just shocked by my parents: don't they understand that we won't be able to provide for ourselves and for them? If my parents live with us, we and our children will have to save on everything. I do not want this life for myself or for my children. Why do i need to do this? Why should my children and my husband suffer? After all, my parents never helped me. How can they ask me to give them a comfortable old age? After all, they never spoiled me, and they didn't even buy me a cake and a birthday present every year. What do you think: am I right?