Real life. I brought home my sick mother. The husband began to demand that a separate apartment be rented for her

I met my first love right after high school.

 Real life. I brought home my sick mother. My husband started to demand that a separate apartment be rented for her

I was so overwhelmed with feelings that I immediately began to think up our future with him. We got married quickly without thinking about anything. Yes, the first serious feelings are always without a reason.

It's good that everything turned out at the beginning of a life together!

We had a chic big wedding that was held in a country estate. We had fun for three days, as befits our customs. Mom was happy that I found my only man. Her wedding gift was the apartment her grandmother had left her. It was an apartment in a new house that needed renovation. But it didn't matter then. The most important thing is that both my husband and I have our own roof over our heads.

After the wedding, my mother did not relinquish. She gave us all her savings so we could make repairs. We had enough money to completely furnish our apartment.

My life seemed to have turned into a fairy tale, but at my wedding my father met a young woman and fell in love. I felt very sorry for my mother. She still enjoyed my happiness even though her life was completely destroyed. Dad somehow wrote her out of their apartment and sold her. I will never forgive my father for such a wicked act against my mother.

After my parent's official divorce, my mother became very sick. This allowed him to confuse and leave his mother on the street. When my mother was treated at the hospital, I was looking for a solution with an apartment for her. She was hospitalized with a stroke and needed daily care.

I decided to take my mother home to look after her and help with everything. In my apartment with my husband, there are two rooms with an area of ​​70 sq m. I thought it would be enough for a comfortable stay for three people. After the stroke my mother calmed down a lot, she talked little and moved with difficulty.

I did not let my mother “die” alone

This situation opened my eyes to my husband. He demanded that I find another place for my mother. He explained this, saying that he could not imagine living with his mother-in-law and she would disturb him. But as I said before, my mother gave me this apartment and also renovated it.

I didn't start dealing with my husband, but I just kicked him out. And you know, I wasn't unhappy about that. If a man at the very beginning of his life path allows himself such an attitude towards his beloved woman, sooner or later he will go to another. I have a good example. The lesson I learned from my father was taught for life.

After the hospital, as planned, I took my mother to my place. It was hard for me at first, but I don't want to see my dad or my husband. Mom slowly improves, although she will never be the same as before, cheerful and joyful. But this is my mother and it is my responsibility as a daughter to take care of her to the end. And then we'll see how to continue living. Good thing I didn't get pregnant.

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