Real life. I have to pay off the loan through my sons. Hardly anything is left of my retirement

I have two sons aged 26 and 32.

 Real life. My son has to pay back the loan. My pension is almost nothing left

The oldest divorced with his wife, no children. The youngest was not yet married. We live in a large village but there is no job. And frankly speaking, I didn't want my sons to work. I had a large farm.

Bulls, cows, goats, many different birds. We lived here. The sons helped manage. I gave away the meat, milk and eggs. They made cottage cheese, cream, butter, cheese and lived on it. And I paid the boys salaries. Everything went well. They built a house on their property. I started living alone and my sons settled in this house.

What made them do it? Ruin your life and mine

I don't get it. They did not live richly, but everything was plentiful. Food, clothes, shoes, necessary furniture, household appliances. We went to Turkey once a year to rest.

And then they started having expensive things, video equipment, all kinds of household appliances. I sold an old car, bought a new one. The money I paid them would not be enough for such pleasures.

I started asking questions from where, what and how. They said they were working on a computer in some network company, I believed and was happy about it. Expensive things continued to appear in the house, repairs were made of European quality. After that, it all quieted down somehow.

Yes, I also forgot to say that we have not yet legalized the house and that my sons are registered with me. House shared for three people. They come to eat with me. The car had been parked for a long time because there was no money for gas.

Then they sold it completely. Overall it all went wrong. Okay, I see, maybe they didn't get it online and the money I was paying them was starting to disappear. I already suspected that there might be illegal substances or something at stake. Slowly, all these things started to disappear from the house. Laptop, TV, and more.

Then people reported to me that they had seen my son steal from a local store. It was mostly about eating, cigarettes and topping up your phone. As it turned out later, they took a lot of moments, so suddenly expensive equipment appeared in the house, but when the money was gone, they had no way to pay off the debt. Now I am paying it all off my pension so that these two bastards won't go to jail …