Real life. I pick up the phone and hear the old woman. “Help, I'm locked here, no food, nothing to drink, I have little time”

As always, my husband and I spent time together in the evenings: we watched a movie, talked.

 Real life. I pick up the phone and hear the old lady. & ldquo; Help, I'm locked here, no food, nothing to drink , I have little time & rdquo;

The home phone rang unexpectedly. The barely audible voice of an old woman said:

– Help, I'm dying. I have no food or water. I am alone here. I don't know what to do.

For a second I stopped breathing.

– We have to do something! I said.

“Anna, don't worry.” I think it's somebody's bad joke.

– No honey, I have to figure it out.

I called back, heard someone pick up the phone.

“Grandma, where do you live? “

– Window 18.

This is something! The man tapped out the city code after the number. We already knew the address so we called the police immediately. We explained the situation to them. The dispatcher has promised to help.

I was more worried than ever.

The next day my phone started ringing again. I picked up …

The stranger said he was from the police and introduced himself. It turned out that we informed them in time. The grandmother I've heard of hasn't got up in several months. Her husband died and her son took care of her. They had a telephone for communication, but Grandma never learned to use it.

Two days before the call, my son was hit by a car on the street. He was in the hospital when he regained consciousness, he couldn't remember who he was. All this time my mother lay chained to her bed, not knowing what had happened to him. She wanted to make a call, and her cell phone was at the far end of the room, on the table.

She had to slip out of bed, crawl over to the table. Somehow she reached for the phone, but didn't understand how to call. Then she started calling at random, she even called somewhere a few times, but they hung up when they heard her. Lying on the floor, she was completely exhausted.

When the police opened the door (it also takes time – they had to talk to the neighbors and perform other procedures), Grandma was unconscious. Then the doctors said that if it had taken a little longer, it would have been impossible to save her.

Fortunately, everything went well. Later, our grandmother's son called us, thanked us for a long time, and then said that his mother had recovered.

What a great story!

Are you helping strangers on the street?