Real life. I stopped helping people. Why will I no longer extend a helping hand, even to my children

I don't help people anymore. I don't see any point in helping.

 Real life. I stopped helping people. Why won't I extend a helping hand even to my children

Now I will tell you why I created such a vision. Maybe someone will not understand me, but this is just my subjective opinion. Here you apply for children, help them financially, and in return, what gratitude? Not! Just accusations and regrets.

I listened too much!

You still find yourself angry, even if you did your best for them, sacrificing your own interests. Nobody appreciates these victims. Therefore, I have concluded that children need less help to be motivated to become independent and wealthy people.

Often my girlfriends tell me stories about how adult children are demanding to buy a flat, pay for expensive holidays or sponsor a car purchase. If you help them in this, such help will not be beneficial, it will only harm. Of course, when children are still young and cannot support themselves, they need help. Only some parents provide their children with money until old age. I don't think this is normal.

Helping friends and buddies is also a dubious mission. They themselves ask for advice, ask what to do in one situation or another, and then hold you guilty if their expectations are not met.

As I got older, I became wiser in my approach to & ldquo; giving out & rdquo; advice. Now I can only advise if I understand the topic. If I do not have the competence and experience, it is better to remain silent. Why ask a blind man how to paint a portrait? The same goes for tips!

When it comes to friendship, the best way to lose a friend is to give him advice that he hasn't asked for. This is unethical, so expect someone to be offended. In particular, unsolicited advice should not be given to the female gender. Women are very emotional and react sharply to everything.

Why am I not helping people anymore?

1. Children should not be helped because it hampers their development. They must be independent people, be able to solve their problems and earn a living.

2. Friends should not help and advise because they will be offended or worse, they will blame you for everything.

3. If you are just helping strangers out of altruism, you will just hurt them. Man needs a fishing rod, not a fish, this should be remembered.

4. Often times people wait for payback for help, but people are ungrateful, they quickly forget what good they have done for them.

5. Help out of pity is a complete utopia. If someone finds himself under certain circumstances, there is no need to sympathize with him, he made that choice himself. Moreover, some people like to be in the victim position.