Real life. I've filled the fridge with food, I'm here, but it's already empty. Who emptied it pisses me off a lot

My daughter Agnieszka is very sociable. Consequently, he has many friends. He is friends with children of all ages, not only with his peers.

 Real life. I filled the ice with food, I come, but it's already empty. Whoever used it pisses me off a lot

Recently, Agnieszka has been calling all her friends to our house. It's cold outside, but they want to play. I don't mind, of course, but she started taking children I don't know at all. Agnieszka, like a real hostess, gave them tea with sweets, turned on music and invented all kinds of games.

Recently I returned home and saw two children in the kitchen. They were eating pilaf straight from the pot.

I cooked it in reserve for two days, but realized that today we have nothing left to eat. They had eaten it all, put the dishes in the sink and left.

I explained to myself that you can't take strangers home. I also explained that she has the right to treat them with cookies and sweets, but the ice cream is prepared for the family. Agnieszka was offended and even locked the door to her room. She stated that I was a stingy forbidding her friends to eat.

I boiled potatoes, fried chops and called everyone to dinner. C & oacute; rka refused the food.

In the morning I warned her that the food was being prepared for two days. I'm at work until late, so I'm definitely not going to cook at night.

When I returned home after 11PM, my husband was frying potatoes. He said our daughter's friends were re-wasting all our supplies. Agnieszka, of course, locked herself in the room and was not going to talk to us.

How can I communicate with my daughter? He does not want to listen to me and makes unfounded arguments. Perhaps the transitional age has such an impact, or is there something missing in education? Honestly, I don't know how to deal with it.

I'm not greedy, but I don't earn enough to feed all my daughter's friends. We get money very hard. I try to cook something tasty for home, but it turns out that I am feeding other people's children. Mom says it's time to pick up the belt, but I'm against such methods. What would you suggest?