Real life. My son came to me. I saw holes in socks. I took my daughter-in-law for an interview

First, the girls chase a ring on their finger and a stamp on their passport, and then they find out that family life is not as easy as it seems.

 Real life. My son came to me. I saw holes in socks. I took my daughter-in-law for an interview

Keeping your home tidy and calm is always difficult. Flexibility and understanding are important here. After marriage, many people are just beginning to adjust to each other, manifesting themselves in everyday life, which can be very confusing for a partner. Not all of the lucky ones succeed in passing this test, especially if, during a family crisis, strangers begin to interfere in the relationships of two people. Unfortunately, our mentality is that a woman should create comfort at home and a man should take care of the family.

However, this family pattern is not suitable for everyone. Sometimes the wife can support herself, but does not feel it necessary to do housework. This is what happened to the heroes of our story today.

She did not fit in with her mother-in-law

M & oacute; j Adam is a wonderful man, he got married – in his thirties, but I thought, that it's a wise choice & oacute; r. He and his wife have been together for five years and one son couldn't find a common language with her.

Anna is now on maternity leave with her baby. Recently my son came to me for dinner, we haven't seen each other for a long time. When he took off his shoes in the hall, I saw old torn socks on his feet! C & oacute; ż, you say it's okay, but I've seen it more than once

I would be ashamed if my husband wore leaky socks. And I've never seen her iron his shirts. I understand she is on maternity leave now, but it was the same before the baby was born. I gave her an iron a few years ago, but it's still unpacked!

I once asked her why she didn't iron the sheets and here's what I heard in response:

& ldquo; we still use The main thing is that it was clean & rdquo ;.

But the daughter-in-law publishes photos on social networks almost every day. He paints himself and takes pictures of himself and the baby, and says he wants to be a blogger.

That's why the fool is still with her if she doesn't spend any time with her husband at all.

It's amazing that she can tolerate it all. Sometimes it seems as if he isn't married at all. As soon as I ask Anna about such neglect, I immediately hear in response: & ldquo; I will not see his socks! She is no longer a little boy and I am not his mother. Your Adam is 35 years old, I can give you a set of new socks if you can't buy them yourself. & Rdquo;

I don't understand why he treats me this way. Have I deserved such contempt? Tell me how to help my son.