Real life. Now I understand why my husband introduced me to his mother-in-law only on our wedding day.

Many young daughter-in-law suffer from mother-in-law and cannot complain to anyone. You just need to calm down. Our first wedding anniversary is approaching.

 Real life. Now I understand why my husband introduced me to his mother-in-law only on our wedding day.

The relationship with the mother-in-law is yet to be established. They are rather incomprehensible, but definitely far from perfect.

I asked my husband to introduce me to his mother before the wedding, because he already knew mine. He put everything aside: sometimes there was no time, then the mother was busy, then something else. For example, you will get to know each other. We ended up meeting on our wedding day. The meeting was dry: my sincere and smiling & ldquo; Hello! & Rdquo; she replied through clenched teeth: & ldquo; Hello & rdquo ;.

Earlier, my husband told me that his mother was wonderful and treated everything with understanding. But once I told him that I was afraid he would interfere with our lives. After all, I saw it as a child. But the husband assured him that his mother was not like that at all. She always said that he would choose a girl as his wife and build his family with her. And she will never criticize his choice or teach his life. A few days after the wedding, my husband returned home from work and drank his tea in the kitchen with a thoughtful look on his face. I asked him what was bothering him. The reply was unexpected:

& ndash; I think my mother may not like you.

It turned out that my mother-in-law might not like her that I hadn't washed the eggs in baking soda before using it. I leave the dishes in the sink because it's convenient. I leave the dish sponge directly on the sink, not on a separate plate. I cook the rose immediately, not in two waters. And lots of other stuff. I was shocked!

I asked my husband:

Why wouldn't she like me? After all, we have a family of our own. She doesn't live with me.

But I am her son! I am used to this life. So you have to do what she does!

Then I protested that there are completely different rules in my kitchen, not like his house. I can live as I like in my own home.

But my husband said that now we will live by other orders and I should get used to it.

Then we lived well for four months. When I met my mother-in-law, she smiled and asked politely about my affairs, family relations, and my son's involvement in household chores. When we got the dog, literally a week later half of the city realized I didn't cook bones and meat for it. For example, I'm so stupid I feed my dog ​​raw. And my poor mother-in-law cannot cope with such a careless daughter-in-law. Turns out I'm useless!

I didn't even know I was so stupid. She told her husband that she had found out from a friend with whom she was walking her dog this morning. It is not pleasant to hear such things about yourself from a stranger. I told him to talk to his mother, but he just laughed and advised me to forget everything. Now my mother-in-law is still hurting my surroundings. I always call her by name and she can tell me dry “hello”.

And she'll pretend she didn't notice me. M & oacute; j my husband thinks I don't respect his mother. After all, I do not want to accept the order of their family, I am not trying to make friends with my mother-in-law. It turns out his mom misses a lot & hellip; behind our dog. Incidentally, his parents often came to us for tea without even being invited.

But everything is just ahead of us, because we will have to live in their apartment for some time. I can't imagine how I will manage there? It's scary to imagine what will happen if we have a baby. Probably all the neighbors will know when I change, bathe and feed him. I think I'll have to go back to my parents. I doubt my mother-in-law will let me live in harmony with them.