Real life. She didn't come to our wedding. I thought my mother-in-law didn't love me. And the reason was completely different

Twenty years have passed since my wedding. Since then, I have not been able to communicate with my mother-in-law. I have made every effort to do so, but in vain.

 Real life. She did not come to our wedding. I thought that my mother-in-law did not love me. And the pow & oacute; d was completely different

And there is still a wall of indifference between us. I don't know what else to do to change everything.

She probably hasn't seen me since the first day we met. Because she was very cold all the time. She didn't even come to her only son's wedding. She referred to the fact that there was no one to leave the farm.

Then I went with my husband and she tried to help her with some household chores. But she wasn't too pleased with my work. Eventually I stopped going to her. Only her husband accompanied her mother. He always came home with his bags packed. The mother did not skimp – she gave away everything that was valuable.

So he ran year after year. Our relationship remained tense. I got used to the fact that my husband's mother did not accept me. I lived my life.

After two years our daughter was born. We invited my mother to the christening. However, she did not come again because work tied her completely to the house. So she explained the reason for her refusal.

In the end, we decided to visit my mother with the whole family. The husband called her and said that we were going with the whole family. She replied that she was very happy that our daughter was born and that she was happy about such an event. But she doesn't want us to bring her to the village. Her answer chilled me completely and I didn't go anywhere. If he doesn't want to, I won't impose myself. My daughter was three years old and my grandmother had never seen her like this.

Of course, I didn't like it. However, the grandmother from the village again gave her granddaughter a large bag of groceries and money she had put away from her modest retirement pension.

One night the phone rang. It was the mother-in-law's doctor. He said his mother was very sick – she was seriously ill. You have to come.

Without hesitation, we got into the car and in the morning we went to the country to visit my mother. When we entered the room, she asked me to be alone. Husband and daughter left.

She told me a strange story. She said that she once married against her mother's will, for which she had cursed her all her life. She said her entire family would be unhappy. And it got so stuck in my head that I was afraid to pass this energy on to you.

-I liked you right away. I have always prayed for your common happiness. Now I only have a few hours left. I want you to continue to be healthy, so do your best every day for the health and happiness of your family. Prayer will be a talisman against the bad energy that my mother once put down & hellip;

In the morning my mother-in-law passed away. I was stunned by the information I heard. How wrong I was about my mother-in-law in believing that she didn't love me. And everything turned out the other way around & ndash; She loved us so much that she protected us with daily prayer and patience so as not to transmit bad energy during contact. As she could and could, she protected us from all evil. Only a very loving mother could do that.