Real life. She gave her daughter to boarding school. After 8 years, she remembered about her

Małgorzata cleaned her daughter's room and found a few unknown dolls there.

 Real life. She gave her hand to boarding school. After 8 years she remembered about her

In the evening she decided to ask Anna where they came from make these toys.

Did your friends let you play with them? & ndash; Małgorzata asked.

– No.

& mdash; Where did you get them?

& mdash; Mom, I have to study, I'm tired.

Małgorzata felt bad in her heart. More and more often she found things in the wardrobe that her hands hadn't bought. The woman decided not to put pressure on Anna, but to watch her closely. On the very first day of her observation, she found a child in the company of an unknown woman. She looked up and realized who it was. It was Anna's biological mother.

Małgorzata adopted her daughter when she was two years old. All these years her own mother has not given a sign of life.

What do you want from my child? Małgorzata was indignant.

& ndash; This is also my baby & ndash; the woman answered quite calmly.

– You abandoned her, you abandoned her!

& ldquo; Now I want to fix everything, please don't disturb us please & rdquo ;.

– Anna, c & oacute; oh, let's go home.

& ldquo; Leave me alone, you're nobody to me & rdquo ; & ndash; Anna called to Małgorzata.

Małgorzata was surprised. Her daughter did not come home for the night. She didn't answer the phone and ignored her mother's messages. The woman complained that she hadn't thought of taking a contact to Joanna, but managed to be rude.

Anna didn't come home until the next day.

– Good to see you back! Margaret said.

& mdash; I came to pack my things & mdash; Anna muttered.

– Okay, that's your decision.

Anna disappeared for a month. C & oacute; rka did not allow her foster mother to see her. But one day Małgorzata came home and found Anna in tears.

& ndash; Mommy, I'm sorry & ndash; the girl whispered.

As it turned out, first Joanna tried to make a perfect mother of herself, and then she started throwing herself on her hand, humiliating and hitting her. Today she beat her unconscious because she had been outside for a long time.

& ldquo; & ndash; Anna burst into tears.

– It's okay, don't cry. I'm not mad at you, said Margaret.

Mum and my daughter took all the dolls and put them in boarding school so as not to throw the good things into the bin. Joanna never appeared in their lives again.