Real life. She left her family to pursue a career. But destiny remembered it

Piotr fell in love with Maria at first sight, when he saw her at a wedding with a mutual friend.

 Real life. She left her family to pursue a career. However, destiny remembered

The girl studied at an institute in the city where Piotr worked. Piotr did not take his eyes off her throughout the wedding, and then he dared to invite her to dance.

The girl agreed and from that moment everything turned upside down. Immediately after graduating from the institute, they got married as the news of joining the family increased the haste. They had a son.

But over time, the marriage began to fall apart because the couple could not find a common ground. Moreover, Maria began to worry that she would not have time to build a career and that she had very big plans for a professional future.

Besides, she often began to tease her husband that she did not have an education and that she did not even have anything to talk to him about. . Soon the couple divorced, Maria left her son with her husband and went to the capital to build a career.

Piotr decided to return to the village to his parents, because it was possible to find a job there, and the parents could help raise their son. In the process of building her career, Maria completely forgot about her son, and when she came to the village for the weekend, her husband did not allow her to meet his son.

Maria returned home, where she made peace with the idea of that her husband forbade her from seeing her son, much less worrying about her job. In pursuit of achievements at work, she did not spend time building relationships, as she felt it would be superfluous for her now and she would not be able to devote herself entirely to work.

But about a year later, she was called and told that she should come immediately to the village where her ex-husband and son lived. She hadn't heard from them all this time. When she arrived in the village, she realized that she had been called by the village council and guardianship authorities over the issue of her son's adoption.

As it turned out, a great sadness happened in the family – her husband Piotr and his father died in a car accident. Her ex-husband's mother could not adopt her son, so her mother had to take him away. Of course, the woman agreed, but she saw that her son was very attached to his grandmother.

The boy began to cry a lot and beg her not to take him away from his grandmother, because he couldn't live without her. It was clear that it was also very difficult for the ex-mother-in-law to say goodbye to the child. That evening, the woman decided to stay overnight with her ex-mother-in-law to make a decision that would be right for everyone in the morning. Maria couldn't sleep all night, thoughts were racing in her head.

Finally she decided to take her ex-mother-in-law with her son to the capital. The woman did not work anywhere, so she was free to move everywhere, the more she could help herself and her son there, while Maria was working. The next day they all moved to the capital.

Many years had passed since then, but Maria never regretted her decision. The former mother-in-law helped with the housework and raising her son, and was also able to prepare various delicacies and pamper loved ones, because they became a family from day one.