Real life. The birth of a grandson helped to find out that the daughter-in-law already had a child

My son's job involves business travel and I was worried he would waste his whole life on trains and planes from one end of the country to the other.

 Real life. The birth of a grandson helped me find out that my daughter-in-law already has a child. that on a business trip he met a woman he liked. Until now, there had been nothing concrete in their relationship ... </p>
<p> Of course, I strongly encouraged getting to know my son, and gradually learned from him about the details. The chosen one already had an unsuccessful experience of family life, but it did not upset me, and neither did the fact that she was a little older than my son. </p>
<p>I didn't get into the details of her divorce, most importantly, I thought they didn't have children with their first husband, which means there won't be any additional problems if the son marries her. </p>
<p> < p> A few months later my son introduced me to his Joanna. I liked her. Pleasant in every way, we quickly found a common language and communicated quite closely even before the wedding. </p>
<p>When my daughter-in-law became pregnant, I started to help her and tried not to burden her with anything. She even laughed and said she felt like a crystal vase. I was a bit embarrassed by the fact that Joanna was acting too confident during her pregnancy, as if she had already gone through all the trials and tribulations of her interesting position. She was not afraid of giving birth, she said that it was normal for a woman to give birth. </p><!-- adman_adcode (middle, 1) --><script async=

And now a wonderful grandson has appeared in our house. Joanna really gave birth without problems, giving us a healthy and active baby.

When our Marek was two months old, I accidentally came across Joanna's medical book and I couldn't resist reading it.

The first thing I came across when opening the book almost from the end was the term & ldquo; repeated birth & rdquo ;. Scrolling the pages closer to the beginning, I found out that Joanna gave birth a second time, hence her confidence. She gave birth to her first child with a congenital pathology and immediately abandoned it, as did the records of the doctor of the maternity hospital in the city from which my daughter-in-law was born.

I spoke to my son about it that same day. He replied that his wife had told him the story of the child's abandonment and asked him not to bring up any more of these matters. I asked about the fate of the child left by the mother, and then my son simply stunned me.

It turns out that Joanna's father, Joanna's first husband, took his son from the hospital. He filed for a divorce after learning that his wife had abandoned her son without consulting him.

Fortunately, all health problems were resolved within a few years. Dad put a lot of effort into it and emerged as a winner. How could a mother just forget about her baby, it was beyond my mind.

I didn't like it, how are we supposed to communicate now? Knowing about her deed, I won't be able to talk so easily now and pretend nothing is happening. I am afraid that, despite my son's request, I will have to explain myself to my daughter-in-law.