Real life. “The daughter-in-law does not know how to make tea,” says the mother-in-law. What was it

– Why do you peel so many potatoes and also put them in a three-liter pot? And why do you need so much soup alone? I asked my friend.

 Real life.

– “I am not for myself, but for my son, I feel sorry for him. His wife cannot even make tea. What she cooks herself is uneatable, she buys ready-made products or orders a food delivery, spending me on it. What about gastritis? After all, our health depends on food. So at least I will give them borscht, salad, potatoes folded in a jar. When he comes home, he puts it in a saucepan, and when he has to cook it or he can stew it with meat, it's already good, the food is domestic and hot & rdquo; – I heard in reply.

& ldquo; I think that a woman should know how to cook. , have children.

I am not a mother-in-law who likes to enter her son's family. Who he chose, he married, I didn't interfere. In principle, the daughter-in-law is good, but she doesn't know how to cook, and most importantly, she doesn't want to. Everyone shares the responsibilities, they say, I work, my husband works, it means that you have to stand by the stove together. Yes, they cook together, but what?

Everything is very fast. As if they got drunk. But where? Sit on social networks? A movie to watch? There are no children, well, they come home from work, so why not cook like a human? Everyone eats sandwiches, packaged cutlets, store-bought dumplings, varied nuggets and strips.

You may ask, how am I supposed to know about this, since I'm not going into their lives? But where. M & oacute; j my son started visiting me too often. And he is asking for the food that I have prepared. So I asked why he doesn't cook at home? Is his wife cooking something?

And he told me they cook together, but such a set of ready-made dishes. As tasty as it is, it still isn't and won't be. And sometimes they order a food delivery when they are too lazy to do anything at all.

I thought how so? I was with them and more than once. Everything was delicious! But it turned out that then they ordered food from a cafe or table. Can you imagine ?!

Okay, he's a man, but she'll become a mom someday and feed the kids from the cafe too? Will my son only work for these cafes, even with such poor nutrition?

I will not visit them, I do not want to teach my daughter-in-law, because my mother did not teach, I will not, especially, I will spoil the relationship. Why should I?

So I cook it myself, put it to my son, peel the potatoes into a jar and pass it on. I have enough time, I came home from work and cooked, what else do I have to do, right? Moreover, you don't need so much strength to cook soups and roasts.

You may say you don't need any help. But my heart is not in the right place because my son started calling so often. She is my child. And I cannot understand modern women. After all, cooking for the family is a caring thing, as well as a manifestation of love. It is not so difficult not to work in the mine, but to stand by the stove. I don't understand, I'm probably too old for that.

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