Real life. The homeless man was surprised by the offer of an elegant lady. She repaid him for what he had done years ago

The homeless man stood in the doorway, intrigued. The woman nodded and walked over to her. She sat him down at the table that was already full of food.

 Real life. Homeless man was surprised by an elegant lady's offer. She repaid him for what he did years ago

& ldquo; Good morning & rdquo; & ndash; the woman said to the man who was literally lying on the ground. He looked up and was deeply amazed. Before him stood a woman in an expensive coat, high heels, leather purse, fingers in jewelry … The man laughed and turned away. He's fed up with this intimidation.

He did not believe it, he did not recognize it. He got what he deserved

& ndash; Already enough & ndash; he said aloud.

The woman, however, did not leave. She smiled her sweet smile and tilted her head towards him.

– Are you hungry?

– No. At all! The man uttered the words a little ironically. – Get out of here.

– Get up. You will eat dinner & ndash; the woman said and touched his shoulder.

& ndash; Leave me alone, woman & ndash; the man waved his hand in annoyance.

A policeman who overheard this conversation was passing by and intervened by addressing the woman.

– Do you have any problems? Do you need help?

Yes, help me raise this man.

– Why do you need him? The policeman was surprised. & ldquo; He's been living here for a long time. Need a problem? The policeman looked at the woman.

There's a cafe over there, see? I want to feed this person in it & ndash; the woman calmly replied.

The homeless man, realizing where he was going, also gave the word:

– I don't want to go anywhere! What did you mean?

But the cop had already put him on his feet. The homeless man stepped back shyly.

– I didn't do anything. Let go of me, he begged.

– Take it easy. Nobody's doing anything wrong to you. Go over there to that cafe and listen to this woman & rdquo; & ndash; the policeman ordered and continued on his way.

The homeless man went to the indicated place. The woman had already ordered breakfast for him. I ordered coffee and cake for myself. However, as soon as the person passed the threshold, the plant manager approached him and started pushing him out the door.

& ldquo; Stop immediately & rdquo ;, the woman ordered. – You are not allowed to do this!

& ldquo; He will make customers leave our coffee shop & rdquo; & ndash; the employee got indignant.

– Wait! the woman ordered again. – Tell me who rents this hall? she asked.

Oh, they are quite respectable people & rdquo; & ndash; the laborer replied. & mdash; They make large orders and are our regular customers.

– How much money are they giving you? the woman asked. – Really good. I am the president of a company that constantly orders from you. Sure?

& ldquo; Excuse me Mrs. & rdquo; & ndash; the administrator asked her with a smile.

& ldquo; I think that makes a huge difference. Isn't it?

& ndash; Yes, ma'am & ndash; said the cafe clerk helpfully.

The homeless man was standing in the doorway, surprised, not knowing what to do. The woman nodded and walked over to her. She sat him down at the table, which was already full of food.

The scared man sat down at the table and began to eat greedily. Once his appetite was satisfied, the woman asked:

– Do you know me?

The man stared at her face and said he seemed to have seen her once.

– Yes, that was quite a long time ago. During this time, of course, I changed. Many years have passed. When I entered this place hungry, I was freezing. And you fed me. Do you remember this cafe? Is it not? The woman continued the conversation.

– I remember something. Looks like it was so long ago & hellip; & ndash; the man replied timidly. & ldquo; So everything has changed.

& ldquo; I was in college then. It was winter. I think it was February. I was evicted from my apartment for debts. I didn't know where to go. The closest was the cafe where you could warm up a little. I walked in here hoping to warm myself a little. I had no money at all, not even for hot tea …

The man sitting next to him suddenly smiled with his toothless mouth. He must have had a memory.

– Then you asked for some work for which I had to feed you …

– Yes. And you seated me at the table and brought me breakfast as a thank you. I was very worried then that my work was not enough to pay. But then I saw that you were putting money into the cash register from your own wallet.

– And what happened next? The man caught fire with interest.

– And then I started looking for a job and got a job in just a few days. Then I started my own business, which was good for me. Now I am the director of the company. Here is my visit. You can visit me tomorrow. Can I help you get a job if you want?

The man's eyes flashed for a moment. He looked gratefully at the woman who became an almost saving fairy for him.