Real life. The newly-minted mother signed the child's waiver. She regretted it quickly

On the same day after discharge, she waited for a date with a new boyfriend.

 Real life. Newly-born mother signed the child's waiver. She quickly regretted it.

The girl planned to abandon the baby, which she did easily.

The staff at the perinatal center can already see good mothers and bad mothers. As soon as Catherine arrived at the maternity hospital, everyone immediately realized that she could not be a mother. Indeed, right after giving birth, she asked to take the baby and put her to bed, and instead of feeding she did makeup and styling.

Behavior was strange & ndash; the patient rushed directly at the paramedics and nurses. Her rude remarks offended the medical staff. Katarzyna made her own rules and neglected the obligatory procedures.

Agnieszka, a neighbor in the ward, was completely stunned when she saw Katarzyna for the first time. The girl gave birth to the baby prematurely, so she could not even hold her son in her arms – he was lying in a special incubator. She did not understand how to refuse a healthy child, not to feed him, not to put him to sleep. Once, Agnieszka overheard a conversation between two nurses.

Have you seen the new one?

– Katarzyna?

– Yes.

– I saw that he has so many claims that I am already dizzy. Everything he needs should be given to the ward on a silver plate. She sits and makes faces while the nurse feeds the baby a potion. Why did she give birth?

She is sitting there moaning that her hips have become wider after giving birth.

“You don't know everything yet!”

– What happened?

He will drop his hand. He is preparing to be released.

Agnieszka ran to the manager and asked for permission to feed Katarzyna's daughter because she had enough milk. Not only was she allowed to do this, but they even moved the baby to her room because her mother didn't even look at the baby.

Catherine's boyfriend arrived in the morning. She circled him and sang praises, made plans for the upcoming vacation and dreamed of leaving this hellish place as soon as possible. Agnieszka heard that the man offered her to take her hand and asked her to change her mind. But Katarzyna refused, she was very categorical.

By the way, the baby was born completely healthy and calm. Agnieszka loved her very much, she looked after her like her own child. Soon doctors told her that they could not save her son. She made a b & oacute; laugh and reproached her neighbor in the ward even more for leaving a defenseless child to his fate.

Katarzyna signed the refusal with one hand, and applied her makeup with the other. She was in a rush to the restaurant with a gentleman, she wanted nothing to do with her daughter.

When Katarzyna looked out the window, she was starving. Her lover's car drove up and Agnieszka got into it with her daughter. They left quickly. What should Katarzyna do now?

She fell into such a tantrum that the entire department came running. The young nurse smiled and said:

& ndash; You wanted it yourself. Now you will walk and have fun.

Free as a bird!

Did Agnieszka do the right thing?