Real life. Within 10 days my life turned into a nightmare. What happened

The whole family went skiing every winter.

 Real life. In 10 days my life turned into a nightmare. What happened

This year we went with a large group of 8 March to celebrate Women's Day and rest for a few days.

Everything was great, we enjoyed the rest and nature.

The trouble started on March 10th.

Our ten-year-old son Jan unfortunately jumped from a small springboard and fell on his back. (I must say that the year before, in the same place, my husband had unhappily landed on a paraglider and broke his leg.)

When the son fell, the husband was not far away and saw what had happened. He ran quickly, carefully took him in his arms and carried him to our house where we lived. The baby cried and said his back hurt. We immediately called an ambulance.

The ambulance arrived quickly, my son was taken to the hospital, and my husband and I drove our car. At the hospital, Jan had an x-ray and it turned out that he had a compression fracture of his spine in two places.

He was placed in a ward where several adult men were already lying, and we were sent home. They said there would be a doctor tomorrow, check the baby and decide what to do next.

I have not slept all night. My son with a broken spine is in some hospital, in a ward with strangers. I was very worried about him. And early in the morning my husband and I went to the hospital to see our son and ask the doctor how serious the injury was and what to do next.

I enter the ward and see – my son is sitting on the bed. SIT! He can't sit! He just had to lie down to keep the vertebrae from shifting.

I was very nervous and angry with all the medical staff at this hospital. We decided to pick up our son and take him home.

We had a surgeon we knew, we called him and told him what happened and that we wanted to get our son out of that hospital. He agreed to see us and explained how best to transport the child (we had to travel more than 200 km).

The child was hardly returned to us, only after we had written a refusal of hospitalization and confirmation that the hospital was not responsible for consequences (can't remember the exact wording).

We arrived safely, we immediately took our son to the hospital, where he was put on a cast that evening. And the next day we took John home. He had to stay in a cast for 3 months, and then another 3 months for a corset.

There is a saying: & ldquo; Misfortunes come in pairs & rdquo ;. The second problem appeared on March 20 of the same year.

My husband left on a business trip on March 19 in the morning and was due to return on March 20 in the evening. But neither in the evening nor at night he came. At that time, there was no cell phone and there was no way of contacting my husband. All that remains is to wait.

And on March 21, I was informed that my husband (he was only 35) had died in a car accident. By some mystical coincidence not far from the place where he broke his leg the year before and where our son broke his spine 10 days before my husband died.

In just 10 days my life turned to hell. I didn't want to live, I didn't want to see or hear anyone. I didn't want to eat or drink. I couldn't sleep either and didn't understand why I was alive. I lost 10 kg in a week.

Friends, mother-in-law and my mother did not leave me for a minute, as I realized later, they were afraid that I would do something to myself. And for almost a year I sat in my armchair in front of the TV turned on for almost a half of the day, not understanding or seeing what was going on there.

And I really wanted to join my husband. I asked him to take me with him. It hurt to come out of the short night of oblivion and realize that he was gone and never would be. And I had no sense of duty or responsibility towards my children, especially towards my youngest son, who was in a plaster cast. I felt nothing.

I came back to life gradually and for a long time. Many years have passed since then, but it still hurts and I have a hard time remembering those times. Although, of course, the b & oacute; l is not so harsh.

I would never wish anyone would experience this unbearable pain of losing a loved one. It is very difficult.