Real life. You won't get anything for your father. You weren't with him in the last moments

Basia's sister decided to take everything from her deceased father, and their mother echoed her firstborn.

 Taken from life. You won't get anything from your father. You weren't with him in the last moments

Elwira was four years older than Basia and always she was given to her younger sister as an example to follow. Unfortunately, this made her grow into a cunning, mean and mean woman who developed the art of manipulation to perfection.

Elwira did not avoid the company of boys, and at home she acted as a decent, responsible girl. Unfortunately for her, the local children remembered her behavior towards numerous friends. Unfortunately, in the privacy of your home, no one would believe that a teenager is so socially crazy. She did what she wanted with her younger sister, who shared a room with her for a good few years of her early school age.

Basia was very careful not to upset her mother, who struggled with running the house, looking after them and working in the evenings at a nearby bar, while her husband was working as a family abroad. She was alone for months with everything.

After a few years, the family from a village in Masuria moved to a city in Upper Silesia, as the prospects for development quickly ran out in a tiny Masurian town. In the new place, the sisters ended up in a common room again, but this time they were separated by furniture for the appearance of privacy. Again, the older sister could make Basia understand each day, and even say openly that her presence in this family was some kind of a misunderstanding.

With time, when the girls grew up, their relationships matured with them, and when Elwira went to study in Lower Silesia, the separation made a miracle and Elwira's attitude towards her younger sister became much milder. Then there was a wedding, a divorce, more partners and another wedding … and at that time their father became seriously ill. Basia then had to temporarily live with strangers, because Elwira took her room, and during her father's stay in the hospital, Basia ended up in one bed with her mother. But when dad was released from the hospital, where there was nothing they could do to save him, Basia had to go somewhere else so that her parents could sleep together … But every day she came home after work, which was away walking for a few minutes. When dad started to leave, neither mother nor sister informed Basia who was at work literally two streets away …

After his death, Basia heard from her mother that dad did not make a will, but a car ; d and he saved the addition to Elvira's husband. Basia did not have the head to analyze all this and before she looked back, under pressure from her mother and sister, she signed the waiver of her part of the inheritance without having to pay back. It was a radical mistake as she was kicked out of the house afterwards. It turned out that Elwira was still pregnant and needed more space for her family. Fortunately, Basia was not alone with all of this …

Today she is a happy married woman who has learned her worth, and she does not contact her mother and sister … The moment she landed on the sidewalk with three cartons of things, she started a completely new life …