Rebrov has commented that he can lead Fenerbahce or Dynamo

Ребров прокомментировал информацию о том, что он может возглавить "Фенербахче" или "Динамо"

Serhiy Rebrov

Serhiy Rebrov, which two days ago resulted in “red star” for the second two years the title of champion of Hungary, said that he thinks about the rumors that Woo him in Istanbul “Fenerbahce”.

“Rumors from Turkey can go about anyone. Last year, for example, there were many rumours about the Ukrainian coaches and players. Turkey is absolutely fine.

If a player or coach somewhere a little lit, strange that he does not buy in one of the teams of Turkey.

Yes, it’s hearsay. No official talks with Fenerbahce I do not have”, – quotes the words of the Ukrainian Football specialist 1/2/3.

In addition, the former coach of “Dynamo” commented the opportunity to get back behind the wheel of the Kiev club, noting that it is incorrect to talk about a possible transition in “Dinamo”, while in Kiev a guide.

“Oh Dynamo, I think it is incorrect to say: the team has a coach. And I know firsthand how disturbing to read a rumors that you are not tomorrow the day after tomorrow will replace one or the other colleague,” – said Rebrov in an interview with “Football club”.

“The coaching chair in a Dynamo – like an electric chair. We should lose only one match “Shakhtar” – and the press begins to select the successor for you, offering sometimes quite crazy options. I tell you this: if the President of the club will decide it’s time to change something, you will certainly learn” – summed up the Ukrainian specialist.