Rebrov second year in a row resulted in “Ferencvaros” to gold medals of the championship of Hungary

Ребров второй год подряд привел "Ференцварош" к золотым медалям чемпионата Венгрии

Serhiy Rebrov

In the framework of the 30th round of the championship of Hungary in Budapest “Ferencvaros”, the head coach of which is the Ukrainian Sergey Rebrov, beat in the Derby “Honved” with the score 2:0 and for three rounds before the end of the season defended the title of champion of the country.

This is the 31st victory of “Trade” in the national championship.

Note that the “red star” is a truly Ukrainian team: in addition to Rebrov for the team playing Ihor Kharatin, Danil Ignatenko and Alexander Zubkov. The last in the Golden match, scored an assist.