Reconciliations for Julien Lacroix and his ex, Geneviève Morin

Reconciliations for Julien Lacroix and his ex, Geneviève Morin


“This week, I did something I should have done a long time ago: I sat down with Julien Lacroix. This week, I made peace with Julien.”

Geneviève Morin, the former lover of the comedian who was denounced for alleged sexual assault and misconduct by 9 women in July 2020, posted Tuesday on Instagram the details of her recent meeting with her ex. She claims to have reconciled “far from the public and the clicks”.  

In a long message shared on her Instagram account, designer and editor Geneviève Morin wanted to publicly tell the reasons behind the choice of her meeting with her former lover. 

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“I understood that reconciliation, for me, is the key, she writes. I also took a step back and realized that this is how it should have been settled all along. Sitting face to face, sincere, repentant and above all concerned for the good of the other.”

She explains that she wants to talk about the victim label that has been stuck on her and that has bothered her from the start. The author of the book Treaty of Peace for Alien Women also confides in feeling invisible, for 2 years, under the number 9, the number of women who have reported assaults and alleged sexual misconduct on the part of the comedian in the newspaper Le Devoir in July 2020. She claims “not to have been listened to, to have been “invisibilized” and to have been instrumentalized.”

“So I needed to speak on my behalf to Julien, she continues. I needed to listen to him, and especially to apologize for all this

such violence that I never condoned. Today, I want to assume the fact that I do not wish her harm. That I never wished her ill. That no matter what happened between us, I never wanted violence.”

For her, it was essential to sit down with the comedian and make peace with this important part of his life. “We had to put the pieces back together.”

“I wish us to move forward towards more beauty, to him and to me, she concludes. To our whole society, I wish us a little more peace, listening and resilience. ” 

Recall that in July 2020, Geneviève Morin was part of the group of 9 women who allegedly suffered sexual assault and misconduct from comedian Julien Lacroix in Le Devoir. The latter was then dropped by his agency, Groupe Phaneuf, and forced to put a break on his career and his public life. The comedian attempted a big comeback last July, but had to cancel everything following serious threats, particularly against his family.

Shortly after his denunciation, Geneviève Morin had signed a powerful text in Urbania in which she recounted several difficult moments in her 6-year relationship with Julien Lacroix. Among other things, she wrote: I am not ready to forgive someone who never wanted to admit their wrongs, who manipulated me and who never really tried to change deviant behaviors.