Record arms sales: why a pandemic is forcing Americans to arm themselves EN masse

Many gun shops in the US is now not cope with the increased demand. Because of the coronavirus Americans massively arming. Edition DW tried to find out what the cause of this reaction to the pandemic.

Рекордные продажи оружия: почему пандемия заставляет американцев массово вооружаться

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Mason Fan shooting since childhood. Against the background of a pandemic, the son of Vietnamese immigrants chose to improve accuracy. According to him, many Americans are now feeling insecure.

Shooting ranges and gun shops in Virginia, despite the lockdown, opened, because they were included in the list of critical infrastructure.

On the range brothers Clark doubled more than usual. Their family is in this business for decades. But Sean Clark says he has never sold so many guns as it is now.

In gun shops, people in protective masks rarely see. The need to comply with social distancing here, too few people pay attention. But many visitors to the range have their own idea about why the Americans began to show increased interest in arms.

Some feel fear, others make the money.

Anyone who wants to buy something in a popular gun shop in Arlington, in the suburbs of Washington, have to stand an hour in line. Until recently, there was nothing to trade with people all bought.

The store’s owner, Sean, Pauline says that now it is difficult to cope with the increased demand.

For Mason Fans a pandemic is no reason to buy new weapons. For him, training at the shooting range is also the possibility of going all out, because now he has to work from home. According to him, the weapons were necessary for survival. America has always thought.

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